Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day and Doll Making

Happy Valentine's Day!

I took a great doll course the last two Saturdays from Jacquie Lecuyer of "Off the Floor Designs" and it was really great! She does custom dolls and also sells dolls and patterns off her web site. In the class we made her "Quiet Quilter" Doll. She has a pin cushion for a hat and is holding a needle and quilting hoop. I did her dress in fabric that has two geishas quilting which I thought was pretty neat. I still have to make her shoes but I did get her hair and glasses on. I can't decide if I want to embellish her more or not. We want her to teach meore classes at our local quilt shop and Jacquie said that she would teach "Uma: The Forest Elf From Another World" next. (In this picture you can also see the mess that my sewing room is in right now.)

Here is Jacquie's web site if you would like to take a look http://www.offthefloordolls.com

Sometimes it is really great and rewarding to do something completely different from anything that you have done before to re-energize yourself and your creative impulses. It can really get you going again if you've been in a slump. I really didn't think that I would like doll-making; but, I thought that a nice quilter doll would look great in my studio so I took the course. Now I can't wait to make more dolls! Stepping outside your own personal box is a great thing to do now and again.

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