Monday, November 16, 2020

2” Square Bethlehem Star is Done!!!

It’s done!  What a process this was!  So many years in the making from start to finish and I can say WAHOO!  Done and bound!  They last time I posted about this was the end of January in 2019 when I was trying to get the pieces organized and cut to see if I had enough and now - here it is!

These are all 2” cut squares, 6” finished squares and 6” finished half square triangles (HST).  Yes, the whole quilt. 

Three units.  Simple idea, but, a bit of a beast LOL!  I do like it though now that it is done!  I quilted the star points in a different thread to match the Kona solid (Paprika I think) in straight lines to give them a bit of definition. 

The rest of the quilt I used Glide 40wt Sand in sort of a Paisley, Floral Swirl.  I did pay attention to the tan coloured points and quilted in the ditch and echo inside for some emphasis.

Sand is a go to colour for me since it blends and shines against so many fabrics!

On the back I used a brown flannel wide-back for extra warmth and softness.  I do love the wide-backs!  plus, look at how the threads just pop!!

 The inspiration for this quilt was the Swoon quilts that were all over social media a few years ago.  I looked at them and thought - that’s the Bethlehem Star that’s been around forever!  So instead of using a jelly roll and cutting 2.5” squares I reworked the math and used my 2” squares and made 4 blocks!  I didn’t need a pattern - I just drew it out on some binder paper - old school! If you want to check out the original sketch you can see it here. And then I made it into a Leaders and Enders project. 

Needless to say - this project was about 5 years or so in the making and I couldn’t be more thrilled that it is done!!  I have more leaders and Enders projects on the go and I am ALWAYS cutting up more 2” squares!

Sunday, November 08, 2020

I Joined the Dream Big Craze!

 I finally joined the Dream Big craze!

I finally got one of the panels quilted that I bought a few years ago.  I don’t know why I put it off so long!  These are nice to quilt and you really can’t go wrong!

I love taking photos right here, at the cottage, it is the perfect place to show all sizes of quilts; and, if they are small enough I can can even pop my head in! 

I also have no idea why I chose the tone on tone cream to quilt for my first one when I bought so many of the colour ways!  But hey!  It is done, bound, photographed and now blogged on so it is a win!

I do love the low tones though - so soothing to the eye and perfect for a bedroom against the wooden walls.

This one gives a bit more details if you want to see them.  I did a simple feather, echo and pebble to quilt.  I used 40 weight Glide thread in Sand with the matching pre-wound bobbin.  Sand is a favourite of mine!

Not a huge blog post but I am proud of this quilt!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

And Another Finish!

Another 2” squares finish!

I was so excited to get this one done as it spent a fair amount of time in the UFO closet as well.  My poor quilts!  They must feel so neglected sometimes LOL!  If they had feelings that is!  

This one got put on the back burner because I really wanted to miter those borders and use the two fabrics in the Quarter Square Triangle Blocks (QST); but, well, I don’t enjoy mitering and I am picky about it!  But I LOVE how this turned out!!  And here it is!  Yey!

Here it is under the needle of my P3 getting the ruler work treatment.  Yep that is me :-D

I do love pushing my ruler-work skills and figuring things out.  I am not too incredibly thrilled with this border.  I think it looks like a DNA spiral but hey - done is better than perfect right?  And, I learned a lot.

I am a lot more thrilled with the inside of the quilt.  I really like the curves on all the straight lines. It took a LONG time to do all of this custom quilting but I think that the end product is pretty cool. And, another good thing, that is a wide-back batik batting that I HAD in my stash!  I had purchased it when it was 1/3 off and stashed it away and Voila!

The quilt is now on a bed, where it belongs, not in the closet and it is off my mind.  Another scrap project done.  Another UFO taken care of.  Now if I can only get another dozen quilts finished I might be getting caught up!

What about you?  Anything under your needle today?

Monday, October 26, 2020

It’s Me!

Hi all!

Frequent readers of my, now, sporadic blog will know that I don’t like sharing photos of myself very often so I thought that I would share this one from this summer.  I attended an outdoor, socially distanced, wedding of a dear friend this summer.  Of course I made the mask and bought the dress to match the shoes!  I thought that was just a given LOL!  These shoes are the awesome Fluevog shoes in the Achiever line!  Some quilting friends asked me where I got them, at the wedding, so I am providing the link ;-)

2020 has certainly been a unique year for all of us.  Quilting has given way to mask making for me but I am happy to use my talents, and, my stash, for something worthwhile and something that helps.  Thank goodness for my son’s help and the mask dies or I never would have been able to make the thousands of masks I have made!  Yes, you read that correctly!  I think I am over 4000 masks!  So, I think you get the reason I haven’t been posting on my blog as much.  I have been making masks and selling them on my page!  I didn’t want to turn my blog into an advertisement for my masks so it has fallen to the wayside for a bit.  So sorry!

I have been able to get some quilting done.  UFO’s mostly and man this feels so good!!  Now that mask making has slowed down a bit, and, my longarm is finally uncovered, I am going to get back to quilting!!  You honestly have no idea how happy this had made me.  I would look over at my longarm, and then look at the pile of masks, to sew, for orders, and, go sew masks.  I mean, this won’t last forever!  I hope!  

At the start of the pandemic I did get some serious quilting hours in though!  I finished this scrappy log cabin that I have been working on, on and off, for several years!

Look at this beauty!  Log Cabins are seriously one of my favourite scrap quilts.  They always look so good!  I love looking at scrap quilts and remembering where I used the fabrics and recalling the stories behind them.  I love how they always seem to work!!!  Some of those fabrics that you think won’t work always seem to work and become the ZING in the quilt that makes it sing!  The turquoise and chartreuse just make my heart happy!

To quilt this quilt I decided on a large meander and feather.  I am sure there are YouTube videos on this; but, honestly you just quilt (the section you are working on) in a large meander and then feather each side of it in your favourite way to feather.  It looks so much more difficult than it is, I promise!  Next time I am quilting this I might make a video on this.  I use 40 weight Glide Thread in the Sand colour and used the prewound bobbins in the matching colour.  I love using the prewounds!  They hold so much more thread on them and tension beautifully for me - remember to take out your backlash spring or use a separate bobbin case for it though!  

So, what is next for me?  I have taken a bunch of pictures of what i have been working on and I will get back into the groove of sharing with you all again!!  I miss the community of quilters!  What about you all?  

How have you been doing?

Friday, May 29, 2020

Face Masks!

How are you all!

Well aren’t we all living in a very different world!  My hair needs done and I coordinated my mask to the shimmering water behind me!  I hope that you are all staying safe and keeping well.

I have been busy making masks to help keep people safe and if you can believe it my oldest  is my partner in all of this!  He has been helping me put the Kam Snaps on the sides of my masks (so that you can choose between elastics for the ears or ties!). Kam Snaps is an AMAZING company to work with and they offer a high quality product with amazing customer service.  If you are interested in snaps - check them out - you will not be disappointed.  Tell Judy Katrina sent you!!

I feel so blessed to have both of my boys at home right now where this Mama Bear can take care of them!  When this all started all I wanted to do was keep my boys at home and protect them!  Totally irrational I know as they are 19 and 21 and both much taller and bigger than I am LOL!!!!

I am so thankful to have this project to do - to help - to do something in this time!!  I purchased the Olsen Mask die from Accuquilt to speed up the process and save my wrists in the process!!  Unfortunately, I received a defective die and I am in the process of having it replaced.  Let’s hope that it comes soon!

Because, man of man do I have sewing to do!! Check out those piles of masks! 

Look at how gorgeous the masks are with ties and snaps!!

I couldn’t resist making masks out of these cute Canadian critters to help people accessorize summer attire this cottage season!

Want to see how I add Kam Snaps to my Olsen masks?? Here is my YouTube video!  Please excuse the lack of makeup!!

And, if you would like to see how I use the awesome Kam Snaps to switch between elastics, for the ears, and ties check out this video!!  

Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions!  Check in!  Stay safe and keep taking care of each other!

Friday, August 30, 2019

A Concert T-Shirt Quilt

Hi all!

It feels like lately all I do is t-shirt quilts!  Believe me I am not complaining :-D   I love making memory quilts.  There is something so special about them!

This particular quilt is for an avid concert-goer.  She has a LARGE collection of concert shirts.  But, these were the 12 shirts that she could "part" with.  I told her - this way she could enjoy these 12 shirts, and memories, every day instead of one at a time if she happened to wear the shirt that day.

These are some good memories!  Not to mention some great concerts I bet!  Sorry for the shadow across the quilt.  The day was sunny and perfect temperature at the cottage and this is my favourite spot for taking photos.  I can't redo it because the quilt has been delivered!

I quilted the quilt in a simple meander pattern using 40 wt Glide Thread in a light blue top and bobbin.  I used a light blue backing fabric as well in a colour that matches the light blue April Wine t-shirt in the middle.  I also used the same fabric for the binding and I love how it framed the quilt!  I looked at black or navy for the binding but there is so much black and navy in the quilt already it would have "floated the edge instead of providing a frame - does that make sense?

Right after this quilt was taken off the frame I quilted my LEGO Mini Figure t-shirt quilt and got to finishing it up.

I'm almost finished the binding on it; but, for now I will work on this during the daylight hours.  I'll show this quilt soon - after the last stitches are taken.  And, if you can believe it, I have two more t-shirt quilt commissions that have come in that I will get started on this weekend!

Happy Long Weekend everyone!  I hope that you get a few stitches in!!  

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A Quilt for a Friend

Hi there!

I hope that you are enjoying the later days of August!  The weather has been humid here but we are enjoying the last days of summer!  My oldest is home again after finishing his college diploma and getting his affairs sorted out :-)

I took some of the summer finishing up this quilt for a friend.  I January I lost a dear quilting friend after her battle with Pancreatic Cancer.  While she was ill she was trying to finish quilts for all her grand-children.  She didn't quite get there.  After her death one of her daughters was sorting through her sewing room and found this horse panel that was clearly purchased for one of here grand-daughters who loaves her horses!

She asked me if I could make it into a finished quilt for her - and - how could I refuse!!!  Of course I would!  I proposed many different setting options for her; but, what she wanted was for the panel to just have borders added and finished.  How could I refuse!?

Luckily my local quilt shop (LQS) where the panel was purchased still had some supporting fabrics.  I took a picture of them and brought her the fabric choices.  I knew that she would pick the black and grey prints since these are the colours that she loves to wear LOL!  I simply added borders to make the quilt large enough to be a throw for her to cuddle under.  

I discussed various quilting options with her; but, what she wanted was for it to be quilted the way that her Grandmother would have quilted it.  That meant hand-quilting it or a meander.  Meander won out!  I used Glide thread Warm Grey and it quilted up beautifully!!

I am in love with this grey barn-board fabric that the owner of my LQS suggested!  It goes perfectly with the theme and colours of the panel!  What a find!

When it came to the binding of the quilt I found myself stalled.  I just couldn't bring myself to tackle the last steps of this quilt.  Overall, this was an emotional quilt for me but the hand sewing was just hard.  Probably because this was one of the ladies that I hand quilt with in my Tuesday night Bee.  Needless to say, I finished it.

I am happy that I could do this favour for my friend, and, of course, her grand-daughter.  I miss her so much; but, it was nice to be able to finish one of her last projects and make the gift to her grand-daughter happen.  Now it's time to give it to it's owner whom I know will cherish it!!

Quilts really are a great big hug from the maker!!