Thursday, December 26, 2013

Minecraft Skeleton Rag Quilt - A Christmas Present

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope that you all had a great holiday filled with family and love.  We had a wonderful holiday here with my Mother up and my Father in Law coming up in a couple of days.

I promised my oldest his own Minecraft rag quilt some time ago; but, finding the fabrics was a bit challenging since he was so very particular about exactly what fabrics he wanted.  Since I have made 3 different Minecraft Creeper quilts now I figured a skeleton wouldn't be a problem.

After I got all the fabrics:  3 shades of grey, 3 shades of white (yes really 3 different shades of white!) and two shades of black - easier said then done, I got to work on the quilt and set a goal to get it done for Christmas.  Christmas day came and we opened presents and the quilt was still not finished - it just needed the blocks and rows sewn together.

Christmas afternoon came and I said to myself - get it done Katrina!  So I set to work.


I sewed all afternoon and finally finished it.  Into the washer and drier it went and it was on his bed for bed-time.  I met my goal!

Today when his Grandmother asked him what his favorite gift was he said - my Minecraft skeleton quilt.  Ahhh!  I melted and knew that all the Christmas day sewing was absolutely worth it so that he could get a gift just from me for him - especially one that I promised him so long ago!

I actually like this quilt too - it's one of those "so ugly it's cute" sort of deals.

You might be wondering about the layout - this layout is not of my choosing - I let my oldest layout the blocks exactly like he wanted them.  He was very specific about how he wanted it and since this was his quilt I let him LOL!  I would have mixed up the blocks but he told me in no uncertain terms that mixing them up was NOT correct shading and would NOT create the right texture.  Ok, ok I said!  What's a Mother to do LOL!?

I have now made 4 Minecraft rag quilts!  Can you believe that LOL!

So, what about you?  Any Christmas sewing?

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