Monday, July 23, 2018

Finally Some Quilting!!

Hi all!

As some of you know I am currently working to complete my yoga teacher training 200 hours - and - man is it taking a LOT of my energy and time!  It's not just the 200 hours of in class time, it's the hours of pre-reading, supplemental reading and follow up work and study.  Don't mistake me - I am LOVING it!  It is so rewarding and interesting - it just doesn't leave a lot of time for quilting.  It's all good!

I have managed to complete a few projects though.  I will post some more pictures later; but, I completed a commission quilt as well as a highly quilted custom quilt that I am hand sewing the binding on.  So, after I got these two quilts off the frame I thought that I would put on a charity quilt and do some free-motion quilting.

Ta da!  Nice and easy free-motion quilting in an all-over pattern!  On and off the frame all in one day - LOVE!

This quilt is destined for our local chapter of Victoria's Quilts.  I like to have a quilt or two in my quilt closet from this group so that I can do a quick project and give back.  Plus, I really like the ladies in this group and the work they do so it's a win win!

Anyways, my next yoga courses aren't until October so hopefully I will have some more time to get more quilting work done before I have to ramp up again for the fall.  I have an idea to combine my love of yoga and quilting in an easy project but we will see if I get it done!

How about you all?  Are you working on any non-quilting projects as well?

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