Monday, September 24, 2018

Preemie Quilts!

Oh how I love to make preemie quilts!  They make me so happy!  If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I like to make some of these every year for our local NICU.

Maybe that's odd but I really do love making them :-)  We have been cleaning out the basements lately (yuck) and in one of the boxes we came across this hand pieced Grandmother's Flower garden blob that I had started about 16 years ago!  I have no intention of finishing it and I couldn't handle throwing it away; so, I cleaned it up and cut out the most useable part of it and added some borders.  

I think that it is looking pretty cute!  I never would have finished the hand sewing to make this bigger so I feel it is a good use of the blocks ;-)

Next up, I came across these hand embroidered 4-block sets at a thrift store that just screamed preemie quilt!  I completely forgot that I had these until I found the Grandmother's Flower Garden UFO.  SO, I dug it out and cut it up into blocks, added some 30's print borders and Voila!  2 little preemie quilts!  Can you believe that those are hand embroidered!  It seemed like a waste not to do something with those - someone put a lot of hours into them!

Hopefully these little quilts will be well loved by some little ones :-)  And, as a bonus for me, I get to use up some UFO's and get them out of my stash!

Do you make any preemie quilts?

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