Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Another T-Shirt Quilt

Thank you all for your comments about negative feedback - your support mean a lot to me!  xo

I decided to put all of that on the back-burner for now and work on a commission T-Shirt Quilt!  I love doing these!

These are some of the owners concert t-shirts.  To be entrusted with these treasures is so awesome and special.  She said that she has more but this is all that she could give up LOL!!

Personally, I think, that turning treasures like this into a quilt is the absolute best way to enjoy and preserve these mementoes.  I may be a little bit biased here, of course, but, if you have 30 shirts, and you want to enjoy them, that means wearing a different shirt every day for a month!!  This way she can enjoy 12 t-shirts all at the same time and everyday!  

So what do you think of the light blue fabric, on the right, for backing??  I think that it suits the shirts; and, I could quilt it in a light blue thread and maybe use the same light blue fabric for the binding.. Thoughts?

Friday, July 19, 2019

Question - Negative Feedback

Hey all!!

I hope that you are enjoying this hot summer!  It's not as hot as last summer but it's still pretty hot!

I have been reflecting a bit, ok dwelling a bit, on negative feedback.  Specifically I have been thinking about the thumbs down on YouTube.

I have put up a few videos on YouTube to share with other quilters and help answer questions I get a lot.  I haven't put up any recently, for various reasons; but, today I was looking at my videos and I noticed negative reviews or thumbs down on some of the videos.

Now, don't get me wrong, people can absolutely, 100%, leave negative feedback if they wish; but, as a video-maker I am left thinking - why?  What didn't you like?  What could I have done better?  Do you just hate me?  Hate the video?  Not find it useful?  What!!?

In other words - it's not constructive LOL!  The comment feedback I received is all good so what compelled these 8 people to click the thumbs down button?  It just makes me wonder.

I've used the thumbs down button.  I am a Zumba instructor and I have used the thumbs down button when people post our exclusive choreography, that we pay for, for others to take.  When people are hateful, or just plain mean.  So, I do use it.

I am just a bit of a dweller - ok a lot of a dweller - so I find myself wondering if my other ideas are good enough to make a video or if they will get more thumbs down.  Silly I am sure; but, that's the way that my brain works!

So, here's my question, to those of you who use the thumbs down button on YouTube, why do you click the thumbs down icon?

Want to check out my YouTube videos?  Here ya go!  

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