Saturday, July 27, 2013

Phoebe Throws a Fit!

I had a very frustrating day today!

Phoebe (my Pfaff PowerQuilter) threw an absolute fit at me today :-(  I was utterly stumped.


Can you see the stitching?  This is the back of the test piece when you can see that Phoebe was pretty much throwing up thread to the back and the needle kept un-threading itself.  I tried everything!  Top tension adjustments - bobbin tension adjustments - rethreading - everything!

For a while I was wondering if my new machine was broken or that I was going insane.

Then I remembered that I had just changed the needle before all this mess started.  Unlike domestic machines longarm needles are totally round in the shaft so you have to be careful that you get them incorrectly.  I thought that I had but guess what - nope! The needle was turned a little bit to the right (and I mean a little bit) and Phoebe didn't like it!  So I turned the needle a little and voila!  She started to behave again!


A little while later I had these two jelly roll race quilts all finished  and ready to be handed off for someone else to bind.  These are two more charity quilts for our guild and I think that they turned out pretty well after all of that happened!

I am so glad to have solved that riddle!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Another Charity Quilt

Hi all!
I just took this off the frame a couple of minutes ago.


This is another guild charity quilt project (but I don't think it has a clear destination yet?)  One of our guild members pieced this quilt from donated Northcott fabric and came up with the design.  Pretty cool huh?

When she asked me to quilt it I couldn't say no!

I quilted this quilt in an edge to edge wave pattern using 40 weight Fil-Tec glide thread in a silvery grey top and bobbin.  I love the way that the shine in the thread echoes the shine in the fabrics in the quilt.  I was going to do custom quilting but I figured that since the quilt was already so busy that an all-over design would suit it better and - frankly - be quicker for me!  I love the texture!

I just got three more jelly roll race quilts in today to quilt for our guild so I didn't want to spend days quilting this one ;-)

I also have a few projects on the go for fall classes to get my store samples ready that I will share with you another day.  I am very happy with the way that they are turning out though and i can't wait to share!

Are you doing any summer quilting?

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