Friday, May 29, 2020

Face Masks!

How are you all!

Well aren’t we all living in a very different world!  My hair needs done and I coordinated my mask to the shimmering water behind me!  I hope that you are all staying safe and keeping well.

I have been busy making masks to help keep people safe and if you can believe it my oldest  is my partner in all of this!  He has been helping me put the Kam Snaps on the sides of my masks (so that you can choose between elastics for the ears or ties!). Kam Snaps is an AMAZING company to work with and they offer a high quality product with amazing customer service.  If you are interested in snaps - check them out - you will not be disappointed.  Tell Judy Katrina sent you!!

I feel so blessed to have both of my boys at home right now where this Mama Bear can take care of them!  When this all started all I wanted to do was keep my boys at home and protect them!  Totally irrational I know as they are 19 and 21 and both much taller and bigger than I am LOL!!!!

I am so thankful to have this project to do - to help - to do something in this time!!  I purchased the Olsen Mask die from Accuquilt to speed up the process and save my wrists in the process!!  Unfortunately, I received a defective die and I am in the process of having it replaced.  Let’s hope that it comes soon!

Because, man of man do I have sewing to do!! Check out those piles of masks! 

Look at how gorgeous the masks are with ties and snaps!!

I couldn’t resist making masks out of these cute Canadian critters to help people accessorize summer attire this cottage season!

Want to see how I add Kam Snaps to my Olsen masks?? Here is my YouTube video!  Please excuse the lack of makeup!!

And, if you would like to see how I use the awesome Kam Snaps to switch between elastics, for the ears, and ties check out this video!!  

Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions!  Check in!  Stay safe and keep taking care of each other!

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