Sunday, November 27, 2016

Shopping - Or Not!

Hey all!

So, did any of you score any Black Friday quilty deals???  I was going to, but, then I had second, third and fourth thoughts!

I had my shopping cart filled out, and, ready to click check out; and, then, I turned around and looked at my very ample stash.  Those overflowing bins of fabric that I have been trying to deplete for a few years - sigh.

Next, I went into the next room where my quilt closet is.  You know, that area where you hang all your finished quilt tops that are ready to be quilted??  I do all my own quilting so I have hangers and hangers of quilt tops.  I also have stacks of wide-backs and a whole roll of batting all ready for these quilts.  Some of them I have even already prepared the binding for.  Some of these quilt tops have been hanging there for years.  Double sigh!!

I came back out into my quilt studio and saw a quilt that has been on my machine quilting frame for a VERY LONG time!!!!  Triple sigh!!!


So, I emptied my shopping cart - delete, delete, delete.  I walked over to my machine quilting frame and got to work.


I worked steadily through the last few rows of my Sew Kind of Wonderful, Urban Abacus, quilt and finished the quilting last night!!!  Wahoo!!!  I quilted this quilt in two colours of Fil Tech Glide thread.  The motifs are Ribbon Twist and Pebbling.  (I NEED to lay off the Pebbling for a while now LOL!)  The quilt is squared up, the hanging sleeve is attached, and, the binding is prepared.

I have to say, even though I wanted the fabric in my shopping cart, I didn't need any of it.  All it would have done is add to something that causes me stress!  I know that not everyone is like that but I am :-(  When I get stressed - I avoid.  And avoiding stresses me out.  So, I have decided to get going on what I have :-)  And frankly, I really like what I have to do!

The only thing that I will allow myself to purchase is any thread that I need and maybe backing fabrics ;-)  Sound fair??

Next up - two charity quilts that I can load together and probably finish today with a loose, easy  all over pattern.

Wahoo for renewed determination and purpose!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Scrappy Hourglass - Leaders and Enders

Hi all!

I hope that everyone is enjoying this amazing fall weather we have been having!  I decided to spend a little time at the cottage to take a break from my fitness classes.  I brought up a bunch of sewing and I found this Leaders and Enders project from back in 2013!!!   I had put it aside and tucked it under some scraps; but, I had a lot of it already finished.  Well, I brought it up to the cottage and layed it out on the floor.  Imagine my surprise when I realized that I had almost enough of it done for a quilt center!  I found the original post I made to get the lay-out and I sewed it together in an evening!


After sewing these rows together I realized that I need one more row on the top to complete the pattern; but, I am extremely happy with how it turned out :-D  I love the optical illusion created with the secondary star design.

I love the use of scraps and I love how much of the green and blue fabrics it used up.  I think that I might use one, or both, in the borders too.  I haven't decided yet.  Once the borders are on it will make a nice Queen sized quilt - perfect for the cottage! 

I have a new Leaders and Enders project in my mind now - I just have to figure out the last of the logistics ;-)

Any scrappy quilts planned in your future??