Monday, September 15, 2008

Whole Cloth Jacket Finished!

I finally finished my whole cloth jacket!!  All that I had to do was put the binding and cuffs on but I just wasn't motivated to do it before now.  Completely ridiculous that it took me that long to do it!  This jacket has been sitting in my to do pile since the spring just waiting for those finishing touches.  Now it is at my LQS and on display to advertise my sweat shirt jacket class.  Nothing like a deadline to get you moving!

I actually think that I work much better with a deadline to be honest.  I get things done when they need to be done and don't make excuses for not working on it.  If I don't have a deadline I can start other things or play with something else.  Not good!  UFO's bother me!  I feel like I shouldn't start anything else until I finish the projects that I have already started and yet a lot of times I need a deadline to do it.  Now isn't that a conundrum!  

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fiberfest Weekend and Rug Update

Hi all! I am back from Fiberfest and exhausted! What a great time I had! Some women from the Olde Forge Rug Hooking Guild were with me in the morning and the ladies from the Women Matters group were there in the afternoon. What a great group of women it was an absolute pleasure to meet you all. Here is a picture of their wonderful rug! I can honestly say that this picture doesn't do the rug any justice at all! it truly is a wonderful rug! A lot of people were amazed by the colours and the beauty of this rug.

I made a bit of progress sitting and hooking this weekend but not as much as you'd think from spending a whole weekend there! Ah well! Slowly my circles are getting completed :) We did a lot of talking about rug hooking and showing people how to hook as well as guiding people through pulling their first loops. What fun it was to see people get "hooked!" Alot of people had never seen rug hooking before and they were amazed at the beauty of the rugs and the diversity and colours. Lots of people loved my circles and some didn't know what to think of them I think LOL!

Dulcy asked about some of the smaller rugs in my last post. The primitve house is actually a kit that I purchased at a second-hand store a few years ago for $5!! It is actually a kit from Hooked on Rugs and they still have the kit here. Most of the other small rugs are kits by Loretta Moore the woman that I learned to rug hook from. SHe makes wonderful little kits that are really fun and cheerful. Let me know if you need more information on her and I will look it up.

I hope that you've enjoyed seeing the display!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Rug Hooking demo at Fiberfest this Weekend

Hi all!! This weekend I will be demonstrating rug hooking at Fiberfest in Almonte. If you are in the area this is a great little show! It is the first Canadian destination for the 2008 Hoffman challenge show (which looks wonderful by the way!). And, there will be displays of many types of textile arts including; quilting, doll-making, spinning, weaving, knitting, wearable art, and rug hooking.
This is a picture of the display that I have put up so far anyways. I will be adding to it tomorrow when I go back, in the morning, but, this is most of it anyways. I set all this up myself so it took a lot longer than I thought that it would have taken. Thank goodness I went in the morning!!

I will be bringing my gripper frame with me and strip cutter and sitting and hooking with a friend. A few people should be coming over the weekend to help out. We will also have a Q-Snap with some burlap in it for people to try hooking if they want. It's always good to get people to pull those first few loops and get them "hooked!" I think that it will be great to show people how the fabric is cut and then hooked into patterns but also that you can use old clothing or hand-dyed wool if you like.

So what do you think of it so far? I will take some more pictures tomorrow :)

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