Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Another Finish! Urban Chained

I am so excited!

I actually have another finish!!  This is Urban Chained by Sew Kind of Wonderful.  This pattern really appealed to me in it's simplicity and clean lines.  I also really liked the size - 46" x 74" - a perfect lap size.

I started this quilt a while back and just loved making the top!  It was really enjoyable and stress-free to complete and the instructions were great!  What held me back from finishing it??   Well, this is going to sound silly - but - I couldn't find a backing that I liked and I really didn't want to buy MORE fabric when my stash is completely overflowing and seems to grow overnight - sigh.

I thought that I had grouped all of my flannels in a certain storage area in my quilting studio; but, I guess I didn't because I found just enough flannel to back this quilt :-)


I purchased this flannel several years ago with the intention of making some PJ pants and never got around to it :-D  Now I am so glad I procrastinated!   How often can you say that??


The colours fit well with the colours on the front and it fits the bill being a nice soft flannel.  Win - win for me!!  Wahoo!


I took a nod from the pattern itself for my quilting.  I used 40 wt FilTech Glide thread in Cotton Candy to do this all over wave pattern.  This colour could easily go over a LOT of quilts and I think it will become a staple in my thread supply.  I love the movement the thread adds to this quilt and the juxtaposition to the vertical rows of piecing.

All in all - I am really happy with this quilt and I can't say that all the time :-)  What do you all think??

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Snack Time is Finally Finished!

Hi all!

It's a beautiful day in May so I thought that I would jump outside and snap a couple shots of my latest finish - "Snack Time"  by Jay Bird Quilts.  I have had this quilt sitting in my quilting closet FOREVER completely finished and with the binding machine sewn on.  All that I had to do was hand turn it to the back - sigh.  It's not a favorite thing of mine to do so it sat for a while until I decided to finish it.  I need to get started on the binding right away now!!  Note to sell ;-)


I really love this quilt.  I love the Kona solids and the bright tones.  It's a fun quilt and I look forward to having it up on my wall!  It will match the nicer weather. 

Although I used the pattern for this quilt I completely die-cut this quilt using only a few dies.  I did an entire blog post on how I translated this pattern to die-cutting.  It really is easy to do if you stop to read the pattern before starting and take stock of what dies you have first - I promise!


I used a 40 weight FilTech Glide thread in white on the top and back and used one of my Loricles grooved boards to quilt the baptist fans.  I was thinking about really custom quilting it but something about it just seemed too much :-/

It's odd that I finished the baby quilt made of left-overs before I finished this one!!

Monday, May 08, 2017


I finally got to get outside to snap a few shots today!!  We have been experiencing a LOT of rain, flooding and snow these past few weeks and the weather has not been co-operating for me to snap a few shots of these quilts outside.

I have been able to complete a few quilts recently and haven't posted them so I am going to try my hardest to get this blog updated!!

I am in LOVE with the patterns by Sew Kind of Wonderful and their rulers!  I have purchased several patterns and have a few tops in my quilt closet ready to go - now to get to the quilting!  Actually I just took another one off the frame on Saturday that just needs the binding!  Yey!

This is Metro Twist!


I fell in LOVE with this pattern some time ago and have been waiting for inspiration to strike.  Well, I found this fabric line in the 50% off bin and knew just what I wanted to do with it!  I pulled out my Quick Curve Ruler (QCR) and got to work.  I completely cut out the top and started piecing in one evening.  Before I knew it the top was pieced!  I loaded it onto my frame and got quilting it using my rulers and taking inspiration from photos from Sew Kind of Wonderful. 

This is a heavily quilted quilt but it is still so soft!


I used Glide threads in Pearl and Lagoon to quilt the entire quilt and I am in LOVE!  I was even able to pull a blue flannel from my stash that perfectly matched the blues in the top.

Done and bound!

Next up was this little baby quilt using left-over blocks from the Snack Time quilt that I still haven't finished turning the binding on!  I liked these blocks but they just didn't "go" with the hotter colours of the rest of the quilt :-(  Luckily I had just enough to put together for this little guy.  Again I used a Glide Thread in white for the all over design.

More finishes to come soon!!!  

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