Monday, February 15, 2016

Pillow Progress

Hi all!

I am so happy to show you the amount of progress I have made on the pillow covers!  Yep!  They are all bound and the binding has been hand turned to the back.  My fingers have holes in them from doing this work but I am so happy with the smooth effect!

I did a lot of this work while we were at the cottage over Christmas.  Well, sort of LOL!

The tumbler blocks were mainly cut while I demoed the Accuquilt Go! over the years.  When you demo a lot you end up cutting a LOT of blocks that, maybe, you don't have a really clear purpose for. So - 4 years after these were cut I got the idea to make pillow covers.  What a great joy to use them!!

We also got snowed in over Christmas for a day.  Getting snowed in at a cottage (where you have extremely limited sewing supplies means that you have to improvise.

So, I dug into the little bits of fabric I had hanging around.

I happened to have a few odd scraps of a Kate Spain line and made up these two additional pillow covers.  They are just random; but, again, it sure was nice to use up these random left-overs.  Luckily I was able to get the last of a bolt end, in this line, out of the 50% off bin to use for the backings and bindings.

So, now these are in a bin of things to be taken to the cottage ready to find their new homes!

With the price of fabric climbing here in Canada I think you're going to see me doing a lot more with my stash and scraps - I mean why not?  It sure feels good to use it up and get it out of the bins!

Are you working on anything special today?

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