Sunday, January 03, 2016

Pillow Progress

Hi all!

I made some more progress on the pillows!

After I un-racked the Tumbler pillow quilt, that I finished quilting yesterday, I had to take a deep breath in to cut it into chunks.  Let me tell you I was honestly a little nervous!  As a quilt, it all looked pretty good!  But, I didn't want a quilt - I wanted pillow covers!!  So, I forged ahead.

I cut the quilt into 17" squares - the pillows are 16" finished so I figured that would give me enough excess to play with and perhaps bind the pillows instead of just flipping them - I haven't decided yet.

I think these pillows are going to look pretty darn cool!  I LOVE it cut up!!  I purchased some shot cottons from the same line out of the 50% off bin in the summer so these will become the backings for the pillow coverings.  But look at all the left-over pieces - that I didn't like.  It seemed like quite a bit of waste to me - an you know how I hate waste like that!  These pieces were off the sides and top of the quilt and it was quite a bit of quilted fabric!

Hmmm, what to do with the waste?  I cut the side pieces into 17" chunks.  The bigger pieces were already in 17" pieces.

I decided to use the quilt as you go technique from Crazy Shortcut Quilts and sew the quilted pieces together using a white sashing!  I now have enough for two more pillow covers - woohoo!!  I actually like the look of the white, negative space, in with all of the colour.   If I had measured first I would have seen that I didn't need to put the middle part in - that will just be cut off anyways; but, hey!  Two more pillow cases will be created an a lot less waste!  

Although, It kind of looks neat as a whole - but - I don't need more table runners either - I need pillow coverings LOL!  Sometimes you just need to think outside the box :-D

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Pillow Projects

Hi all!

I worked hard over the Christmas break this year.  Why?  Because we were up at the cottage and I had the time to get some things done that I have been wanting to do forever!

One of the things I have been wanting to work on are some pillow covers for the cottage.  You see, the pillows in the cottage are in great shape - but - they are all neutrals!  In other words they all beiges and browns and we want to funk the place up a bit!

One project I have been wanting to make ever since I got the book Contemporary Curved Quilts is the Crazy Eights Pillow using the Quick Curve Ruler.  I brought up the ruler and Christmas fabric and cut it out.  I just love the ruler and their method!!  If you haven't checked it out you really should!

I liked it right from the get go!!  Then again, I am a sucker for Christmas prints!!

I made two so that we could have pillow shams to top the Christmas quilts.

I made a couple of other scrap pillow covers from some bits and pieces that were left in the bin that I brought (lucky for me because we got snowed in that day and I couldn't get to the local fabric store until the next day!!).

I also finished putting together the tumbler blocks I cut out a few years ago when I was demonstrating the Accuquilt Go!  That's the thing about demonstrating - you always have lots of blocks cut out; and, they don't always have a defined purpose!  Well, I decided to put all of these together into a top and quilt it.  

I will CUT these all apart into pillow tops :-o  I figured that it was easier to quilt it all as a top rather than do each individual pillow.  I will post more on my progress later.

The quilting is finished on all of the pillow tops now!!  I just used a wide-back muslin so that I could load it onto my frame.

I love that way that everything looks quilted and I will post more as I progress with the projects.  I haven't tried cutting apart a quilt before so this should be interesting as I take that big deep breath and slice!

Wish me luck!

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