Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not quilting or sewing but it's what I did yesterday!

Hi all!

I thought that I would post a photo of the work that I did yesterday! I know that it's not quilting or sewing but it took me 11 1/2 hours to make all of these so I thought that I would post it. I allowed myself 6 hours to process a whole bushel of pickling cucumbers and man was I wrong. I finished the last batch at 11:30 pm last night. I was exhausted!

From left to right: sweet sliced dills, bread and butter pickles, lemon cucumber pickles (this one is new to me) sandwich stacker dills, and kosher-style dills. I love doing preserving work in late summer. I love looking at all the different colours in the jars and knowing that I made it myself. I have done jam the past two years so this year I decided that it was pickles and tomatoes that would be put up. Do you guys do canning as well?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

UFO Finish #16! for 2007

Hi all;
Sorry I haven't been blogging much :) I really haven't been sewing much and the weather has just been so wonderful right now that I want to be outside.
I have just finished my UFO #16 for the year. This one was left over units that I made while demonstrating the Eleanor Burns Triangle Square Up Ruler and flying geese ruler way back when! I made it into a baby quilt that will be on its way very soon. I am very pleased to get this one finished since there was no reason for it to be left for so long! I have got to learn my lesson and finish things soon after starting them :)

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