Friday, December 31, 2021

What a YEAR!

 Happy New Year!

What a year 2021 has been!  It’s been a crazy busy year full of ups and downs, pivots and changes, learning and growing and just changes!

I have learned a lot and actually taught a lot.  I pivoted my fitness business almost entirely online and surprisingly I LOVE it!  I love offering classes online.  I’m actually really shocked about this; and, it has made me consider teaching quilting online and developing courses online - would this be something you would be interested in? 

I also have been sewing a LOT!  We took some time off over Christmas to head to the cottage and I took this simple T-Shirt quilting project with me to work on. 

Most of these shirts were thrift store finds and most were almost new!  I love giving new life to old items like this.  And, I am thrilled to have another Christmas t-shirt quilt.  I’ll take it home as is and auction fabrics for the borders next.  

I also managed to get a commissioned quilt done for before Christmas.

One lucky girl got this memory blanket user her tree for Christmas.  Sorry for the lighting!  This was being picked up and I wanted to finish it.  I love turning items taking up space in drawers into something beautiful and useful.

I will share more on a much more regular basis.

I wish you a safe and Happy New Year!

Monday, February 22, 2021

I Forgot I Die Cut!

 So, I brought some quilting to the cottage last weekend and I forgot a rotary cutter!  Can you believe it?  I got my sewing to a point and then I had to sub cut the strip sets.   It was also a long weekend, here in Ontario it was Family, and, the stores were closed so I couldn’t even buy a new rotary cutter!!  I was so disappointed.  

Well, imagine how silly I felt when I remembered that I brought my AccuQuilt Go! And a lot of the dies to the cottage!!  Wahoo!  

I arranged the strip-sets on my 1.5” strip die and wahoo - seconds later I had more sewing to do!

I cannot believe I forgot I had this LOL!  if I was at home I would have immediately die cut these; but, I am not used to having my Go! At the cottage.  Well, that will teach me!  Needless to say - I finished my blocks :-D