Monday, December 28, 2020

Star Wars T-Shirt Quilt!

 It is finally done!!  I finally completed this Queen size Star Wars T-Shirt quilt! 

Wahoo!  Seriously I cannot tell you how happy I am that this is finished.  Like everything else it was put on hold when the mask making frenzy hit our house but now it is quilted and done!  This quilt was a few years in the making.  A couple of the shirts I bought new for it.  Hello Mandalorian  shirt!  Some were ours - Abbey Road Droids, Darth Maul and Boba Fett.  But, the rest of these were all second hand - yard sales and thrift shops.

It took a few years to find all of these but so worth it!  49 shirts in all are in this quilt.  AND I have more that didn’t make it in because they were more kid-like.  But, these are going to go into a kids Star Wars T-shirt quilt - don’t worry!

Can you find that little shirt label in the last photo?  Bottom left.  I found a small hole in that spot, while quilting!!  I wanted to scream LOL!  But I usually keep the shirt labels if they look cool so I grabbed one and appliqu├ęd and quilted it down after sealing the hole.  I figure it’s a feature of the quilt now right?

This is all quilted in 40 weight Glide Thread in Titanium, top and bobbin, using a wide back mottled black flannel and 80/20 batting.  I also used my new spoon foot to quilt this and wow what a difference getting over the seams!  So much easier - if you make T-shirt quilts you should grab one of these for sure.

One other person in this house loves this quilt too!  Don’t judge I could resist!!  So do you like my Star Wars quilt?

Saturday, December 26, 2020

A Yoga Training Led to Machine Quilting

I finished it!

Another scrappy quilt for Christmas!  Not that I need another one at all!  I have so many already, I suppose, but, red and green is one of my favourite colour combinations, especially with a gold accent, and, these were all leftover units from other quilts!  Namely, the scrappy Christmas Quilt A Long I posted a few years ago and all of my awesome 2” squares!  

This quilt has had a bit of a journey!  I finished the top on January 4th of 2020 and put it away to quilt at a different time.

Snow was on the ground then and it is again!  

Two weeks ago I took a lovely yoga training called YogaFit for Caregivers.  It was a one day training on how to help those who are in a caregiving position, be it people who are; caring for the ill or aging, children, or, people who are PSWs and also yoga teachers, basically anyone who may experience burnout but specifically compassion fatigue and how to prevent it with self care.  One of the tasks we had to do was write down three things we do for self-care.  One of my items was actually ruler-work!  I surprised myself when I wrote that down without thinking!

Ever since I started making masks I haven’t had the time or energy to do any ruler-work!  A few weeks ago I uncovered my longarm - I had been using it for storage of fabric and finished masks.  So, after the course I took it as a sign to get quilting again!  I did a couple of other quick quilting jobs first - to see if I had the skills still - and then I tackled this one.

I brought it up to the cottage to finish hand sewing the binding and I set a goal to finish it for Christmas! 

Late on Christmas Day I finished hand sewing the binding down!  Since it was too late to take photos I waited until today to take them and I am so glad that I did!  Christmas Day here was a foggy, slushy kind of day and today was cloudy but crisp and the lake was frozen by our cottage!  This picture may look dangrous

I was so nice to get out on the lake to take photos of a Christmas quilt again this year!  I know it seems silly, but, I think we need to find joy where we can these days; and, getting out on the lake to take quilt photos is something that brings me joy every time I am able to do it!

Last Christmas I was able to take pictures of my Christmas T-Shirt quilt on the lake and this year it is a scrappy Christmas quilt!  I never did post photos of this quilt from last Christmas so here it is LOL!

There is just something so Canadian to these Christmases we have here!  When the lake freezes and my husband goes out and clears a rink for skating and we bring out the net and hockey sticks.  Me?  I love to stay inside by the fire and quilt!

I hope that you all had a safe, healthy and wonderful Christmas - even though it wasn’t what we are used to - I hope that it was nice!

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