Saturday, July 19, 2008

A new Baby Quilt

I finished this baby quilt a while ago and i am sorry but I am just uploading it now :) Sorry everyone it has been a while since my last blog update! I actually have not been quilting all that much. It is summer time and sitting behind a sewing machine is just not all that appealing to me now *shock* lol! However I do have this wonderful little baby quilt that was delivered to it's owner a few weeks ago. The nursery has a jungel theme to it so when I found this great red jungle print I just had to use it! I love that juicy green first boarder print! I think that it makes the entire quilt. I know that I keep using the 4-patch one-patch pattern over and over but I really like it a lot! It show cases the fabric wonderfully and always looks nice. I have another quilt to put up tomorrow that I did for a wedding gift.

Binding Update

Hello my friend! I'm motoring right along with my St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt quilt.  I took it off the frame a couple days ago and st...