Monday, June 05, 2017

Pool Noodles!

My sewing room got a little addition yesterday!!

Pool Noodles!  

I first saw a great tip to store your quilts using pool noodles on the Sew Kind of Wonderful Blog quite a while ago but I had to wait for spring for pool noodles to pop into stores ;-)  


I got a few different colours to start in the hopes that I could sort my quilts that I use for teaching - IE blue quilts are for machine quilting (labelled 1, 2 3, etc etc), trunk shows are red etc.  And then, also, quilts for sale, and quilts to store.  I also had the idea that when I have cut a custom dowel to hang it it could be inserted into the middle of the noodle for storage.  This method would allow me to sort, store, find and transport my quilts soooooo much easier and with a lot less time involved! 

Well the other day this article popped up in my Facebook news-feed! 

Pool Noodles Are a Big Help in the Sewing Room 

What a great article with additional uses for pool noodles!  It was too good not to share!!

Now I am off to organize my new noodles :-)


Sunday, June 04, 2017

Good Sunday afternoon!!

It's been raining on an off for days now - bleh - so getting some inside stuff done seems like a good idea.  That and that fact that the bugs are HORRIBLE!!!

I have been participating in the Sew Kind of Wonderful Urbanologie quilt along - we complete one type of block each week.  I love that timeline of this!  Making just one chapter of the pattern each week is doable and it keeps me on-track to complete the quilt top this summer.  It seems like a win to me!


Here is my progress so far (I have it pinned to my Snack Time quilt on my quilting room wall) and I am really happy with it!  The pattern instructions are great and the supplementary instructions provided in YouTube videos etc are so helpful! It's also great to watch others' progress on Instagram.  I really need to do something like this myself ;-)

How do you like my lone green bird??  I made him after my parrot - Virgil!

On a side note - I have a desire to make a circle skirt sundress.  Something late 40's - ish . . . something I could wear a crinoline under.   Or not!  I have one in black and white that I really like; but, since I am really not a garment sewer I have been wondering how difficult this might be.  Maybe it's easier to purchase one?