Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vampire Baby Quilt

Hi all! I finished another baby quilt lol. It seems that's about all that I do sometimes. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, I love making baby quilts, but, I need to start quilting something else again lol!

This baby quilt is for a friend that really likes Vampires a lot!! I ordered the vampire fabric online, via eBay, and, the rest of the fabrics are out of my stash. Vampire fabric that is child-like is actually pretty hard to find. Most of them were pretty vicious looking and that's not what I wanted for a baby quilt :) My husband suggested the attic windows setting to make great use of the bats at twilight fabric. I think that he made a great suggestion b/c it really looks like you are looking out of a window at twilight! I used the setting from the "More Quilts for Baby" book but I actually did a traditional attic windows block instead of the easy attic windows using a half-square triangle. I didn't have a lot of the great web fabric and the y-seam allowed me to actually use less fabric than the half-square triangles. Sometimes the harder route is the best route :)

I hope that they like the quilt!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rugs found in a Quebec Cottage

Hi all!
We were at a cottage in the Eastern Townships in Quebec this weekend and I found these great rugs in the house!

This is a little display of 6 little rugs that were hanging in the kitchen. I am not sure how old they are or who hooked them even. They were purchased in the area many many years ago. The brownish stains on the rugs are from hanging in the kitchen for a lot of years! I was not exactly sure how to clean them so I decided to leave them hanging where they were in their original places :) They are hooked in the Cheticamp style.

This is a little chair pad - again from the same area. It is made of wool yarn and also panty-hose with the edge just turned under. There were a lot of pieces coming loose so I did a little repair work on it to make it a bit more sound. Hopefully it will last a bit longer now :)

The rug is also fairly sun faded. You can just see a piece of the sky colour hanging out (this was before I fixed it). Again after a lot of years it needs a cleaning but I was not really sure how to do it lol!

This is the back of the chair-pad. I thought that I would post it so that you could get a better idea of the original colours of the rug. The blue was panty-hose material and it really faded!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Rug!

I started a new rug the other day after I got back from the OHCG Annual. I was so inspired by the lovely wool that I got from Wanda Kerr of Wanda Works that I had to start it. Isn't that green yummy!! This is the "Haunted House" pattern by Shelley Atkinson. The pattern on burlap is from Rittermere-Hurst-Field. I just love the picture of it so I knew that I just had to do this rug. The blue in the top corner is for the ghosts - so far anyways lol. We'll see when things start to come together a bit more. I had to order more of the green from Wanda because I really didn't buy enough lol. Of course! It's easy enough to do especially since I am so new to hooking myself. I think that I may use the green of the grass for the stars as well to put some of it into the sky since it is such a dominant colour.
What do you think?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Great Yardsale Finds!

Hi all!
I had a great time at the yard sales yesterday and found a couple wonderful things for rug hooking!
First I found a great old red-handled primitive hook for $0.25!! I've never seen one with a red handle before so I was pretty excited by it lol. The woman was puzzled as to why I didn't want to also buy the newer latch-hooking hooks as well and I tried to explain that I don't latch hook I rug hook but she was confused :) I think that she must have been selling a few items for someone else b/c she had no idea what this was at all. I'm acquiring quite the collection of hooks now and loving it! When my hand starts to get a bit tired from hooking I love that I have enough hooks now to switch to a different hook. Much like switching to a different sized needle when you are hand appliqueing it elevates some hand strain.

I also got this wonderful stool for $5 yesterday! Isn't it great??!! Someone had already removed all the old upholstery fabric - so that messy job is done. I think that I will get some new foam for it though. It really is screaming out for me to hook something for it - like my last hooked stool. This stool just isn't telling me what to hook on it yet though. Any ideas? The rounded section is quite large and could definately accomidate some type of a picture or geometric. I think that I will hook the top and back in one section and the two sides in individual sections. The top rounded part is where you get to put your feet :)

It's wonderful to breath new life into items like these isn't it :)

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