Sunday, June 07, 2009

Great Yardsale Finds!

Hi all!
I had a great time at the yard sales yesterday and found a couple wonderful things for rug hooking!
First I found a great old red-handled primitive hook for $0.25!! I've never seen one with a red handle before so I was pretty excited by it lol. The woman was puzzled as to why I didn't want to also buy the newer latch-hooking hooks as well and I tried to explain that I don't latch hook I rug hook but she was confused :) I think that she must have been selling a few items for someone else b/c she had no idea what this was at all. I'm acquiring quite the collection of hooks now and loving it! When my hand starts to get a bit tired from hooking I love that I have enough hooks now to switch to a different hook. Much like switching to a different sized needle when you are hand appliqueing it elevates some hand strain.

I also got this wonderful stool for $5 yesterday! Isn't it great??!! Someone had already removed all the old upholstery fabric - so that messy job is done. I think that I will get some new foam for it though. It really is screaming out for me to hook something for it - like my last hooked stool. This stool just isn't telling me what to hook on it yet though. Any ideas? The rounded section is quite large and could definately accomidate some type of a picture or geometric. I think that I will hook the top and back in one section and the two sides in individual sections. The top rounded part is where you get to put your feet :)

It's wonderful to breath new life into items like these isn't it :)

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Wendie Scott Davis said...

What a great stool this is! I wish I didn't go up north every weekend and miss all these find.
You will have lots of fun designing something for this one.

Can't wait to see what you do.


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