Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Another Top Out of the Closet

Hi all!

Since it looks like I might be done with Christmas long-arming I decided to take another quilt top out of the closet! This is one that I want to do heavy custom quilting on so I put it away for quite a while!

Well I had wanted to increase the size of the quilt and add borders to it - so I purchased the border print int the line and a kona to be the inside border.

Well, I pulled everything out of the closet yesterday and guess what?  I hated this border print!


I don't mean that it is a bad print but just not at all what I actually wanted!  There are only two repeats and I wanted four.  So, not enough for what I wanted to do.

BTW - do you like seeing my free-motion weights and my pup River's toys under the frame LOL!


This is the awesome quilt design by Sew Kind of Wonderful that I made quite some time ago - Metro medallion.  Now, I really don't think I want borders on it at all.  I think that it should end with a binding.  I honestly agree with the pattern makers that this one doesn't need or want borders after I take a look at it again.

So, I decided to see if I purchased enough fabric to back the quilt with it - guess what?  I had!!  I pieced the border fabric together and it will make a really nice backing :-D  Waste not want not!

I do really love taking a little time between the top and quilting because I find that it does give me some perspective on what should happen with the quilt.  Taking time is never a waste.  So often we want to rush and get things done - quilt quickly - make the top in a day etc etc.  There is nothing wrong with gaining some perspective and doing your work some justice.  Just my $0.02 :-D

Anyways - I will load this one onto the frame and custom quilt it next :-D

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Ruler Work on a Baby Quilt

Hi all!

I was looking for another smaller project to load onto my frame and I remembered that I had this baby quilt I pieced together from a charm pack.

I had never decided how I wanted to quilt it so I put it away for a while but now seemed like a good time to bring it out!


I loaded it onto my frame and decided that I would do all ruler-work on it.  I decided on Continuous  Curve in the blocks and ditch-work and single hatching in the borders.  Since I usually will just do an  all-over pattern on a baby quilt this was new territory for me.


But, needless to say, I am pretty pleased with the way that it turned out!  It was definitely more labor-intensive than an all-over pattern  but I really like the effect and I love the borders!  I think I picked too steep of a curve for the Continuous Curve, if I am being honest, but I do like the over-all look :-D

I used a 40 weight Filtech Glide thread in cream for all of the quilting - top and bottom with a flannel fabric on the back.  My go-to thread for quilting and my go-to backing for baby quilts!

Now I just need to find a destination for this baby quilt!  Not bad for some Sunday quilting!

PS if you want to follow along with me on Instagram I would love to have you!  I try to post every couple of days - or - like today - twice!  Me on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/sunshower153/

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

T Shirt Quilt

Hi all!

Well winter finally hit here - a lot earlier than I wanted but this is Canada!

 I was recently commissioned, by my cousin actually, to make a t-shirt quilt from her son's t-shirts.  This will be a Christmas gift from the Mom and Dad and also from my Aunt (Grandmother) so it will be really special.

I was working pretty hard on getting the quilt completed so that they could have it for Christmas so I put a lot of hours into it in the past few weeks.  I do like making these t-shirt quilts since they are such great memory quilts!


Originally I was going to use some of the smaller logos in a nine-patch in one of the blocks; but, she had so many t-shirts for the body, and, I thought that one nine-patch in the body would look odd.  So, I sent her a text and asked what she thought of a pieced border.  She loved the idea so I ran with it!

The result - in my opinion I LOVE the pieced border!  I think that it really adds to the quilt and I was able to use all the small logos and other pieces of the shirts that would have been thrown out.  I would definitely do this again and I highly recommend it :-D

I stabilized each shirt before I pieced the quilt so that it was flat and wouldn't stretch out.  I used Kona Cotton Denim fabric as sashing and I quilted it using 40 weight FilTech Glide thread in blue.  I quilted a loose meander so that the quilt would remain nice a drapable. 

She's picking it up in a week and I hope that her son loves his Christmas present!

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