Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Yet Another Baby Quilt!

Ta da!
Another baby quilt lol!
This quilt will be going to France to cuddle the yet unborn baby girl of a friend of mine there. I hope that they will like it :) I put a soft cuddly flannel on the back (my favorite) and a little orange flap into the binding for an extra bit of bling! I had all of these fabric in my stash if you can believe it :) Sometimes there is nothing better than pulling an entire quilt from your stash lol. The 4-patches were actually, if the truth be told, left-overs from other quilts; but, since I have been using the same back-ground fabric for all of my baby quilts lately they all match perfectly and they look intentional :) Gotta love that! Every time I make this pattern I have left over 4-patches so I figured that if I did them all out of the same fabric then eventually i'd have enough left-over for a quilt or two lol!

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