Monday, January 25, 2010

Twin Baby Quilts and a New Rug hooking Project

I'm starting a new rug hooking project Woohoo!! A friend of mine designed this and let me trace this out onto burlap so that I could hook this. I thought that it would look amazing on the bench right inside the door to my sewing room. The outer boarder is the largest that it can be so I'll have to see if this rug gets a boarder at all after I hook the center LOL! I think some nice bright colours for the tulips and a mottled blue for the sky would look cheerful and welcoming. If I can do a little boarder I might try the bead-stitch using two colours to give it a bit of pizazz. I finished drawing this last night ~ I only had the straight lines of the boarder to do but that is the least fun part of drawing a pattern I find so I think that's why I put it off.

I found this little video on Gene Shepherd's blog and thought that I would share it with you. It is Gayle Burton talking about Rug Hooking on her local news channel. Her work is amazing and the video is definitely worth a watch! She has a beautiful series of stair-kicks that I just love ;)

I've also finished two more baby quilts for twin boys! I just love the light blue and brown colour combination that is popular now. Brown is such a soothing colour ~ but I know that some people find it too drab for baby quilts. I am sure that the parents will like these ones though ;) And, yes I know, I know, I did the 4-patch 1-patch baby quilt again ~ but I just love that pattern! I am even now in the process of making another one of these quilts, as a commission, so you'll be seeing at least one more in this pattern. I may have to find another favorite baby quilt pattern soon. This one is out of my favorite baby quilt book by Ursula Reikes Quilts for Baby: Easy as ABC. It is a great book that I highly recommend as it is full of simple, usable and beautiful patterns.

Do any of you have a baby quilt pattern book that you just love that you might recommend to me?


Gayle said...

That tulip welcome rug is going to be so bright and cheerful when you get it hooked - I love the design. And The baby quilts are so cute! Thanks for mentioning my TV segment - it was such a fun experience for me - and we've had quite a few gals contact us for more information about hooking! Yay!

Jacque said...

I am new to hooking and would appreciate your explaining a seed stitch.. I thought that was a knitting term. Do you hook with wool or yarn?


Katrina said...

Hi Jacque! I made mistake and called it a seed-stitch when it is actually called a bead stitch! Wopps!!! Here's a link where you can see the stitch. Gene calls it an alternate loop stitch and that is probably a better name:
It is the circle that is two alternating colours ~ and I think it looks amazing! I hope this answers your question.

Sue SA said...

Katrina, I love making cot quilts and love the same Ursula Reikes book you have! However I have borrowed from the library the next book she did ("More baby quilts"?) which was great as well. I also keep coming back to the 4 patch and 1 patch combination, just like you - its a favorite because it works so well, I just love it! The last cot quilt I did make however I forced myself to try a different design from that book and made attic windows, which looked great. Now I just have to get the picture off the camera and onto my blog LOL!
My DH has just given me "Quilt a Gift" by Barri Sue Gaudet and it has a pattern for a wool felt applique baby blanket that is just beautiful. So despite the 38C heat we are experiencing today in South Australia, I brought flannelette to make a blanket!
Happy quilting, Sue.