Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not Quilty But This is What I Sewed Today!


Not very exciting I know but this is what I worked on today.  Can you guess what they are?
Some of you may know that in my other life I teach fitness classes and we use stretching straps periodically to add in a deep stretch.  Well, if you can believe it, a stretching strap usually costs about $8 retail.  When I was at Fabricland, a while back, they had this bright pink strap material on sale for about $0.25 a meter so I bought what they have and some buckles to fit so that I could make a bunch of these for my classes.  The stuff all sat and sat for a LONG time until today.

I felt like sewing something today but I am so sick with a bad summer cold so I knew I couldn't do anything that required a brain.  So, I decided to sew these up and Voila!  A bunch of new stretching straps that didn't cost $8 each!  I couldn't find the little metal clamp-type-of-things that go on the end of the straps usually so I just overcast the edge a few times and applied some fray check and I was done!  Yey!

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susan said...

today as last night I cut up my red fabrics for 2" squares for 16 patches, 2.5" and 1" squares for Oh my gosh quilt (yup I am going to do that quilt and a big one no less) and 4" squares for HST for another paddlewheel quilt. Yes I think I need to put an Accuquilt on my xmas wish list!

Jackie said...

Awesome! I am having a giveaway of fabric on my blog!

JoAnn said...

Hi there!
I think I've changed my settings so that I'm no longer a "no reply" bogger - can you let me know if it worked??