Monday, July 16, 2012

Look What I Found!

I thought that I might squeeze a little sewing in before I had to cook tonight and while I was pulling out a current project  I found a bag with these in it!


I remember putting these scraps away years ago but they didn't end up in my scrap heap so they didn't get processed when I did my big purge.  These were scraps from a quilt I had made, called Eureka, as a wedding present and when my LQS-owner saw it she loved it and wanted me to teach a class - so - I made a twin to this quilt.  This was back in 2008!!!  These have been scraps for 4 years *blush* Since I made two identical quilts I had some scraps to work with on the next quilt and now I have these left.

Ok now what to do with this?  This is quite a bit of fabric - with curved piecing.  Should I just scrap process it into 2" squares and strips or do I make something from it?  Keep in mind I really don't need another table runner - sigh.  And, this doesn't look very baby-ish for a preemie quilt

What would you do with this?


Gene Black said...

When I have "leftover" pieced parts, I use them in a pieced quilt backing.

Gene Black said...

Okay I am not sure how big these pieces are but you could also use them to make journal covers.

Unknown said...

Depending on the size of them I would sew it together and add some applique fall stuff like a pumpkin or a black cat and make a wall hanging??? Just a thought

Mommarock said...

It looks like wonderful rolling hills for the beginning of a quilt. You should continue them into a wall hanging themed quilt. Add some houses, etc.