Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Might be Crazy

Hi all!

Well I think I might be a little crazy.  See, a friend of mine gave me this unfinished quilt top.  She tried to use on of those fabrics that come in stripes of say 10 different fabrics to make a lone star quilt by cutting strips to make it look like she had pieced them together.  Well, it worked ok  - see on the right that strip of white?  That and the fact that the top is a little wonky.  But, she was frustrated and about to throw this, and all the scraps, in the garbage.  Picture this - there were a tone of pieced panels that were going to go to waste with this method too.  So, I said, "Hey don't throw them out I'll take them!"


Famous last words!


I thought that I could process these panels (see the last couple top right?) with my die cutter - NOPE!  it just didn't work so I had to pull out my rotary cutter.  And I cut and trimmed and cut some more until I finally reached the end of the stack - why oh why did I say I'd take them?! 


At the end of all this cutting I had some nice stacks of fabrics: 2" squares, 1.5" finished HST and some already pieced HST - all ready to be used in a project! 

What am I going to do with the lone star top?  I think it might make a really nice back for whatever I choose to do with the other pieces.  I'm not sure what yet but I will do something with it!

What would you have done?  Chuck it or salvage it?


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

OH no..........nothing goes in the trash!!!!! I would have reused it somehow, someway!
Good for you.

Gene Black said...

Hmm...what was the title of this post? yeah! Me too. I would have tried to save it and it certainly wouldn't be trashed.

Marjorie said...

OK, I'm the really bad person here - I would not have salvaged it. I've been known to throw away projects gone bad. I do occasionally cut bad projects/blocks into strips and make things like cosmetic bags and eyeglass cases.