Sunday, March 17, 2013

A New Leaders and Enders Project - Hexi Style

Hi all!

This month at my Accuquilt Go! Club I featured the equilateral triangle dies and the hexagon die since I think most people are unaware how they work.  Well while I was prepping I realized that my little 2" square leaders and enders (L&E) perfectly fit over the small hexagon!  So I got the idea to do a different L&E project. 

Not sure what L&E are?  You can check out my video here.

Don't get me wrong - you know I love my 2" squares but I have been doing 2" square L&E for over 10 years now and I felt like a bit of a change ;-)

I decided to use these two dies 55011 and 55079.  The hexagon die and the corresponding equilateral triangle die.  Here is a video on the the two dies together put out by Accuquilt.  These two dies are designed to work together so that you can easily construct a hexagon quilt without having to hand sew the hexis together or do any Y-seams.  

Something else that I learned after playing a bit more is that 6 of the equilateral triangles together form a hexi of the corresponding size!  How cool is that!?  You could have a pieced hexi next to a solid hexi - super cool.

I also decided to go a bit more planned than scrappy with this one and I chose red and white prints and white for the triangles.


How yummy is this!?  I will add the small tiny little white triangles to two sides of the hexi L&E style and slowly work up a quilt with tiny little cutie hexis in red and whites!  I think this is going to look so cute when it is finished.   I am not sure what size I will end up with or anything like that as I have not thought that far ahead yet.  I am excited to start a new L&E project after 10 years of 2" squares.  I will eventually go back to my 2" squares of course but for now - this is a fun new twist!

So what do you think?  Anyone in to start this new L&E project with me??


Four dogs and one quilter said...

I also have those dies and I love them but before your make too many try sewing a few together and see if you enjoy the process. In my opinion, it was easier to sew the hexagons together than matching the triangles.

Mary said...

Primo idea! Never would of thought of it, thanks for sharing!

SewCalGal said...

These are definitely fun dies. You've inspired me to pull mine out and create another project with them. Thanks.