Monday, September 16, 2013

The T-Shirt Quilt is Finished!

The t-shirt quilt is completed!


I can't tell you how happy I am that this quilt is finished.  I learned a LOT about working with t-shirts in this quilt.  Namely that I prefer quilting cotton to stretch knits.

I also learned that if a quilt needs to be taken apart - take it ALL apart and do what needs to be done instead of trying to deal with someone else's work for sentimental reasons.   I should have taken this apart block by block and re-stabilized instead of vertical row by vertical row.  I wanted to preserve the grandmother's work - and - honestly - this was a mistake.  I should have listened to my gut on this one.  Oh well! 

It is finished now and the binding is on and the quilt is actually FLAT!  If you remember how rippled this top was when I got it I think that this quilt is a success; and, now, it can travel back to it's owners ;-)  I do like the quilt and I think that the owners will be pleased too.

Will I do another t-shirt quilt?  Probably not LOL!

Have you ever done a t-shirt quilt?

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beebee said...

very pretty. you did a great job. tshirts are a challenge to work with.