Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Log Cabin

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Since it is a holiday weekend I felt pretty good about spending some time at my sewing machine today ;-)  I pulled out my, now, 48 orange and black log cabin blocks and got to work sorting them into a lay out.

It took a surprisingly short time to get them into a lay out and labelled so I didn't mess it up.  Then, I got to work assembling the top.


A few hours later - voila!  I had the top all assembled and I am very happy with it!  I am so glad that I decided to go back and add the additional 12 blocks - now it is a more usable size for the bed instead of just a throw.

I also love all the different fabrics that are in this quilt.  There is some light black in there from one of the first quilts I ever made!  There are oranges from wedding and baby quilts, batiks, plaids, orientals and modern fabrics all in there together and they are playing nicely with each other.  I think that is one of the reasons I love "use it up" scrap quilt projects like this one.  Not only does the quilt use up scraps that are just too big to throw out - it combines memories from projects that all come together.  When I look at this quilt (or any of my scrap projects) I see the fabrics and remember quilts that I have made - many of which have been given away.  It is a nice tactical representation of my quilts :-)

The only thing that I am a little unhappy with is - well - still the size!  When I lay it on the bed I wish that it was a few inches wider still so that it completely covered the mattress.  I don't want to compromise the way the piecing goes out to the edges of the quilt though - I like that - hmmm - maybe a small pieced border to add a couple inches onto the quilt?

What do you think?  Add another few inches onto the top?  now's the time to do it!


Lesley said...

Your quilt is those oranges! I like the idea of making it a little wider...maybe add a black border?

Vicki W said...

If you aren't happy with the size then I'd take the time to make it bigger now. It's a cool quilt!

Sandy D said...

I like Lesley's idea of a black border. Love the quilt Katrina.