Saturday, April 09, 2016

A Fishy Baby Quilt

Hi all!

A while back I found out that a good friend of mine was expecting!  Once you hit a certain age the amount of baby quilts you get to make really decreases and I LOVE making baby quilts!

Well anyways, we both love green and blue and fish so when I saw the blue colourful fish flannel fabric I jumped on it!  Yep - I bought the backing before the top fabric.  A few weeks later I was in a quilt store and I found the fabrics for the top.  I went home and priced the top - just a nice simple one-patch, four-patch job.  The top was completely cut using my 4.5" strip die and the 2.5" strip die.  Easy peasy! 

The day after I finished the top we got word that my friend had her baby and she had a little boy!  Wahoo!  Better get this quilted!

I popped the quilt on the frame and used an edge to edge clamshell pattern - I thought that it would give the illusion of fish scales :-D

The quilt came off the frame and I had enough backing fabric left over for a matching pillow case either for Momma of for the baby for later!

The project is all done and ready to be popped in the mail to go to British Columbia to it's new home. Oh how I love to make baby quilts!  They are so bright and cheerful and fun!

Maybe it's time to make some more preemie quilts?

And yes the blue quilt is back on the frame and not coming off until it is finished!  

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