Sunday, December 11, 2016

Urban Abacus

Hi all!

I cannot believe that it is finally finished!!  

Urban Abacus (by Sew Kind of Wonderful) is finally finished!  The quilting is all pebbles and ribbon twists - you can see a closeup picture in the previous post.  The quilting took many many hours LOL!

I am in love with their rulers and with their patterns!  If you can believe it I have two more of their tops pieced and ready to quilt!  Which leads me to my next thing - my UFO closet!  I have GOT to get some quilts out of there!!

I have so many tops ready to quilt but I find myself getting overwhelmed; and, so I go and run away LOL!   So, starting now - I am going to slowly clear that closet.  I bought some thread (hopefully coming tomorrow) for two more of the quilts; and, then I need to get down to business.  2017 is going to be the year of finishes for me.  Finishes and using up as much as I can.  I have made some serious in-roads into the stash - which makes me happy - but now I need to finish things.

My Mom is visiting now and she found a quilt top (that was given to me to save it from the trash) and she asked if she could pay me to quilt it.  Of course not Mom!  I told her she could just have it.  So, I quilted it today and will get the binding onto it for her.  I will post a picture of that tomorrow ;-)

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Gene Black said...

Looking at the previous post, that is a lot of pebbles on the quilt. But doesn't it feel great to get another one off the "to be quilted" stack?