Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday Quilting

This is a picture of my hand quilting frame and the project that I have on it right now. It is the left overs from this quilt that I am attempting to use up by doing the flying geese quilt and the blocks on point. You can see a little bit of two of my other quilts hanging on the wall. These were "Pineneedles" designs by MeKenna Ryan. They are "Petals from the Heart" and "A Season in Time" Lots of fusible fun!

It's snowing a bit here today so it is the perfect type of weather to go quilting! We are working on a quilt for our quilt guild and it is turning out really nice. I love sitting around the quilt frame with everyone just talking and laughing. It's like therapy.

Many people say that hand-quilting is dying off but I completely disagree; in fact, I think that right now it is going through a resurrgance. More and more people are interested in traditional hand work and are amazed by how wonderful it is to do. Granted it does take longer to finish a project; but, when I hand quilt something I usually don't do it to have the finished project but rather to have the experience of the project. If it takes me three years to finish a quilt that's okay. Actually, after I finish hand quilting something I usually find that I miss it and wish that I could quilt on it some more.

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