Friday, August 14, 2009

10 Minute Hooking Challenge

Hi all!
I have decided to participate int eh 10 minute Hooking Challenge over at Red Jack Rugs! It is a great challenge where we "Work on your rug at least 10-minutes a day, six days out of the week, except holidays, for at least six months." I think this will be a great thing to really keep me hooking! I mean who can sit down for only 10 minutes LOL??? I've been making such great progress on my rug by sitting down every evening so I figured that this will just keep me going even more. Sometimes we only have 10 minutes and by challenging ourselves to stick to 10 minutes a day you give yourself permission to prioritize your art - even if it's just for those few minutes a day. I had great success doing my UFO's in quilting a couple of years back by making the time to finish them so I am really hoping that this challenge will have the same effect on me - making the time by allowing myself to prioritize rug hooking a bit.

The other thing that has worked wonders for me is to leave myself a bit more set up in rug hooking. I've arranged my chair and wool basket with my frame and a little side table so that I can actually sit down and hook for those small pockets of time. When I did this for myself in quilting I was amazed at how much more I was able to accomplish!!! It's the set-up and take-down that drains the time away. I'd rather spend that time quilting or hooking!!!

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dulcy said...

I have also joined the 10 minute challenge. So far, I haven't had a problem staying focused because I'm going through a hooking frenzy. I must say that I LOVE your haunted house rug! The design and colors you've used are fabulous!