Sunday, March 04, 2012

Easy Baby Quilt with the Large Twister Ruler


Here it is!  The tutorial that I have been promising for a while now.  If you have been reading my blog you know that I really <3 the Twister rulers.  I think that they are so cool and fun to use.  I also teach classes on how to use the Twister rulers.  One of the examples I show is a baby quilt that I created using the large Twister ruler - and my participants have been asking for a pattern - so here it is!

First, you will need to sew together a large 9-patch using 5 squares, cut 10", of one fabric and 4 squares, cut 10", of a second fabric.  Sew 6.5" (or 6" if you cut tight) borders onto this 9-patch.  

So far so good?


Here's where the fun starts!  Grab your large Twister ruler and start to cut the top apart again!  Twist each of the blocks a quarter turn to line up the outer edges and sew them all back together again - but make SURE that you keep everything in order or you won't get the nice inter-locking pin-wheels.


Here it is all sewn back together again!  Super cute!


Add a 1.5" cut first border - I used the yellow print.  Next, add a 4.5" cut border.  this will make your quilt top approximately 39" - 40" square.  This is my preferred size of baby quilt that I make.  It's large enough to be useful but small enough that you can still carry them around.

I love this pattern because, although it looks complicated and difficult to make, it is actually very simple and very quick to make!  Now I just need to quilt it.

This is the only negative to the Twister rulers - there is quite a bit of waste.  However, I just grabbed my 3.5" half square triangle (HST) die for my Go! cutter and cut up those off-white bits. I'm combining them with kiddie-print scraps to make a scrappy preemie quilt top - easy and very cute.  The other squares are approximately 5" so I think that I will make them into a smaller 9-patch and add some borders to make another preemie quilt top.  So, even though there is waste, the pieces are large enough that you can do something great with them.

So, what do you think?  Do you like my Twister baby quilt?  If you make one I hope that you will share a picture here or on my facebook page.

Happy Quilting!

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Nancy said...

I Love these twister quilts!