Tuesday, April 03, 2012

We have a Winner and an Oops!


I was making tea and I set my favorite tea coy down on top of the burner!  Luckily I got it off in time.


So, I pulled out this tea pot fabric and some left-over solid brown binding fabric and Voila!  I have a newly re-covered tea cozy that I like even more!

 Ok I have kept you waiting long enough!  We have a winner.  Sorry this is later than I promised but the weekend got away from me and I spent Monday trying to catch up.

Using a random number generator I picked #31 out of 84 valid entries!!

Béa has left a new comment on your post "Book Review and a Give-Away!":

I follow her blog by email 

 Congratulations Bea!  You are going to love your book!

Thanks to everyone who entered!


beaquilter said...

oh man, for a second I thought it was me- my name is Bea too, but blogger is beaquilter....

Gene Black said...

Congrats to the winner...sorry about your tea cozy

Béa said...

Thank you so much ! Can't wait to try it .