Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where Have I Been??

Where have I been?  Why haven't I been blogging for a bit?  Well, I will tell you - unless you are a member of my Facebook Page - then you already know.

I have been marking this quilt to get it ready for hand-quilting.


Remember this quilt?  I finished the top in March of 2011 and put it into my quilting closet until now!


Take a look at all that marking!  I marked this with the Clover wash-away blue pen at 7/8" cross-hatch.  Wowzers!  This quilt is about 98" x 120" and this marking took me FOREVER!  I think it took around 40-50 hours - or season one of Game of Thrones and seasons one and two of Ghost Whisperer.  Crazy huh?  All the blue lines I had to mark and we will hand quilt along those lines and in the ditch around each of the red units.  The quilting will take a while but it will be worth it I think!


Here it is loaded onto the hand quilting frame with a few stitches in.  Looks great doesn't it?

I am so happy to have this on the frame!  Now I can move onto other things - yey!!

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Dayna at Precut Paradise said...

Wow that is really beautiful! I can't wait to see how the quilting turns out