Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another Rag Quilt

Somebody has to stop me!

i am working on yet another rag quilt and loving it!  My LQS was having a sale and i couldn't resist picking up some more flannel.

Why am  making yet another rag quilt you ask?  Well it is really really cold here right now!  As in so cold you have to wear a scarf or it hurts to breath.  So i am making the warmest quilt i know of :-D


Tell me what you're working on too?

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beebee said...

I pulled out my 2 inch squares and have started putting them together.
I am hoping to get them all together this week.
I have been collecting them from scraps for a little over a year and now I have enough to at least start a quilt.

I have never made a rag quilt but I might have to try making one soon.