Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Another T-Shirt Quilt

Thank you all for your comments about negative feedback - your support mean a lot to me!  xo

I decided to put all of that on the back-burner for now and work on a commission T-Shirt Quilt!  I love doing these!

These are some of the owners concert t-shirts.  To be entrusted with these treasures is so awesome and special.  She said that she has more but this is all that she could give up LOL!!

Personally, I think, that turning treasures like this into a quilt is the absolute best way to enjoy and preserve these mementoes.  I may be a little bit biased here, of course, but, if you have 30 shirts, and you want to enjoy them, that means wearing a different shirt every day for a month!!  This way she can enjoy 12 t-shirts all at the same time and everyday!  

So what do you think of the light blue fabric, on the right, for backing??  I think that it suits the shirts; and, I could quilt it in a light blue thread and maybe use the same light blue fabric for the binding.. Thoughts?

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