Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Organizing / Sorting / Processing

Happy August all!!

Ahhh summer!  I have been spending as much time as possible at the cottage this summer since winter was so long, spring was long and it feels like summer just got here!  Oh well - you have to make the most of what you have!

After a long weekend with friends at the cottage, I came home and was looking for some brown ribbon, in one of my drawers, when I pulled out this MESS!!

Uggg!!!  I don't know how I over-looked this for so long!!  Scraps, 2" squares, ribbon, sequins, zippers, elastics and MORE.  My first impulse was to upend this over the garbage bin.  Luckily I posted a picture to Instagram to see what others would do.  Everyone said to process it so I DID!  Wahoo!

First I pressed all the scraps and squares and sorted it.  Found some more in another drawer and repeated the process.  Thank goodness for my AccuQuilt die cutting system!  If I had to go back to rotary cutting 2" squares from scraps I probably would have thrown it all out

And now my 2" square bin is completely full - I'm not really sure that I will ever use this many squares!  I have so many leaders and enders (L&E) quilts to finish somedays I think I might just piece them instead of doing the L&E technique.  Sigh!!

My ribbon, zippers, sequins, elastic and more is sorted into drawers.  I can find what I am looking for now easily; but, I think that I have way too much of all of this!  I may have to donate this, as a lot of you suggested, but, for now, I am happy that it is sorted!

So, that means that I have one set of drawers sorted.  Organizing is such a long process.  Some people love it!  I don't hate it, but, I don't love it.  What about you?  

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