Thursday, October 26, 2006

Repairing Baby Quilts and Hand Dyed Thread

Today I spent the afternoon reparing three little baby quilts that I made several years ago for a friend's three children. These quilts have just been loved so much and it makes me so happy to see that. They needed some of the seams repaired as the fabric was separating at the seam. In some of the corners the binding was starting to come apart so that needed to be repaired too. Lots of hand stitching, "Fray Check" and "Stitch Witchery" was involved here! I just love it when the baby quilts that I make get loved almost to death :)

It was also really interesting to see how much my quilting skills have improved over the years. The quilt in the middle was one of the first quilts I ever made. The quilt at the top was made 6 years ago and the bottom quilt was made 5 years ago. You can really see that I have actually learned a couple of things in the past few years :)

I am also going to sew hanging sleeves onto the backs of the quilts so that the quilts can be enjoyed even though the kid's won't be playing with them anymore. It kinda makes me sad that they won't be using them anymore but hanging them on a wall will definately preserve them for a few more years.

Last night, at our guild meeting, we had a a woman named Linda Palaisy as our guest speaker. She is wonderful at using her sewing machine and the built in stitches to do great works of art. She specializes in thread painting and free-motion designs. She has also won many international awards so her talk was very inspiring. Here's her web site. She also does great hand dyed fabric and wonderful hand dyed threads. I just couldn't resist picking up a few spools of her threads. The colours are just so rich and wonderful the picture really doesn't show them off very well.


Susan said...

If you like the hand-dyed threads, look for Valdani. It's from Romania, and it's a long-staple cotton. They have hundreds of absolutely beautiful colors. When I had a quilting machine, I got to the point that I used their varigated threads almost exclusively on my client quilts.

Katrina said...

Valdani is wonderful thread Susan you're right. I don't know why I didn't mention them :) Linda said that her thread is like Valdani or King Tut for quality. I also really like King Tut varigated threads. The colours are really wonderful and the long staple cotton is really nice and easy to use.

Hedgehog said...

So cool to have your quilts so loved that you have to do repairs!