Friday, March 30, 2007

Springtime Fabric Post Cards

It's finally spring!! I don't know why I am so excited about spring coming this year but I am :) We had a very mild winter overall and not much snow but I am still glad that spring is finally here.

These are some fabric post cards that I just finished and mailed out this morning. It is part of a swap on the fabric cards yahoo list. There are 5 of us in this swap so I will get 4 nice springtime cards back. I hope that everyone likes these cards that I made. I did a machine embroidery on them that reminds me of spring.

The next swap that I am a part of is "Just Ducky: get your ducks in a row for the spring showers ahead" I think that I am going to to do a duck splashing around in the spring puddles. There are only three of us in this swap so I only have to make 2 cards. I wanted to find some fabric with rubber ducks on it but I couldn't find any. Oh well :)


Susan said...

Your cards are gorgeous! I've only made a few, including one yesterday, but it's kind of fun.

Floriana said...

Le tue cartoline sono molto belle ,scusa ma non scrivere in inglese ,ciao