Friday, December 14, 2007

A New Baby Quilt in the Making!

Hi all!

Here is one of my next project! I have a new baby quilt to make! Yey! Well, actually I have two now to make but this is the next one that needs to be finished LOL!

This quilt will be a simple one patch four patch design. The bottom fabric is the feature fabric and border fabric. The yellow poke-a-dot fabric is going to be in the four-patches and the small orange is the first border. The orange batik fabric is actually from the expectant parents' wedding quilt. You can see the quilt here. The top green fabric is the brushed cotton backing fabric. The pattern that I am going to use is from the Ursula Reikes book Quilts for Baby: Easy as ABC. I've done it before several times and I always really like it (you can see another one here). I like a simple baby quilt so that people will use it instead of putting it away to be an heirloom! Do you like my fabrics?


Kathie said...

I like your choices of fabrics. I love this color for babies and the little bears are adorable.
That is wonderful that you still had some fabric from the parents quilt...sentimental for sure!

joyce said...

I love the fabrics you have chosen. I always prefer baby things that are not pink or blue even if the sex of the baby is known. Maybe it's the early stereotyping that I don't like.
I agree that a simple quilt that will be used is best. I'm sure this one will the the one that the parents drive back an hour because they forgot it and baby won't go to bed without it. Lol.