Saturday, September 04, 2010

My Crazy Shortcut Quilt is Together!

Yay!!!  I spent a whole bunch of time yesterday working on my Christmas Crazy Shortcut Quilt and I got the body of it all together!!!  I am in love with the way that it is turning out.  You know when you picture something in your head and it works out just the way that you conceptualized it?  It certainly doesn't always happen but so far so good for this one!  I just have the binding, label and sleeve to do now.

I even love the way that the back looks ~ I made it so that it could be reversible with all the winter/Christmas blue batiks and prints.  I bought all of these years ago and never did anything with them so I was thrilled to think of something that I could use them for and still showcase them.  SO now we have a Christmas quilt on one side and a reversible winter quilt on the other.

You can see my hanging sleeve on the back there ~ I lifted this idea from a friend that took my class at Sew Inspired.  She took her scraps from her backing pieces and simply pieced them together for a really nice sleeve.  I thought that it was an amazing idea so I used it here!  What do you think?

I'll post more pictures once I get the binding on.  I think that I am going to hand turn this binding to the back.  With all f the thread problems I've had I think that hand sewing it to the back would be less of a head-ache than machining it on.

If you have any comments or feedback I would absolutely love to hear from you ~ so don't be shy ~ reply!!


Marguerita said...

I love the reversible color scheme! You are a genius and the quilt is beautiful :)

Barb said...

Oh are so both sides...amazing!

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