Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Transferring Patterns

I am working on transferring some patterns to backing today for rug hooking.  I'm hitting a bit of a stumbling block though since my burlap is so creased!  What do you guy do for this?  Do you steam it out?  Let it rest?  Put a damp towel on it??  I really don't know what to do here but I certainly can't trace the pattern onto such a creased backing - grrrrrrrr.  I hate it when I actually feel like transferring and something like this gets in my way.  I don't really like transferring so I have to strike while the iron is hot!  For now I've marked the outer limit of the design and sprayed some water on the worst of the creases and let it sit.

I love these two designs offered as free patterns in Rug Hooking Magazine.  They are Hallowween desgns and I just think that they are toooo cute!
The one on the left is "Mister Iggy" by Star Rug Company and the one on the right is "Jolly Halloween" by Spruce Ridge Studios.  I think that it is so nice of them to offer such amazing patterns as the pattern insert in the magazine.  They are both hooked in a #8 cut so they should hook up fairly quickly and be nice rewarding projects.  Needless to say I have traced these onto red dot tracing fabric and am now waiting on my backing to continue.  I hope that by tomorrow I will still want to continue with the, let's face it, boring parts of the hole rug hooking process.  I really like hooking ~ I just don't like the prep part.  I think this is why I don't applique as much as I would like to.  I really don't like the prep.  Silly I know, but, if someone did all the tracing and transferring I would be one happy hooker/appliquer. 

I also traced out a couple of Halloween stair kick patterns by, the now defunct, The Potted Pear company.  They were in a little booklet I purchased a while a go and I think I might get started on.  Hmmm so many projects so little time before Halloween!! 

So please leave any advice that you have about getting the kinks out of your backing easily and quickly please, or anything else that you would like to comment about,  I would love to hear from you!!

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Jacque said...

I understand the frustration of being "ready to go" and then not being able to.. sorry but I don't know how to get the crease out of burlap. Won't it smooth out when you put it on your frame to hook?