Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Working on UFO's but adding to the pile

Hi all!
Well I have been working on one of my UFO's. I have some scraps from a quilt. Here is the quilt. It is one of the bee that I belong to Silver Thimbles. Anyways, I had a ton of scraps left-over from this project and I put it on my list of UFO's to do something with them. So I laid them out all over the tables and there were less than I thought that there would be and yet more somehow :) So I thought that I would make a sweatshirt jacket from them. That seems to be a stand-by solution for me :) I teach the first of two classes on free-form sweatshirt jackets on Friday morning so I thought that I would get working on one to do with the class. I have the back, one sleeve and the two fronts all ready I just need to do something for the second sleeve. I am running out of fabric now for the second sleeve so I'll see what I can do about that :). When I get a little bit further on I will post a picture of it.

Thsi weekend we went to Winterlude in Ottawa to look at the ice carving competition and walk along the canal which is also the "World's Largest Skating Rink". It was really spectacular. We got to see the carving competition in the last few hours they had and it was really neat to watch the teams from all over the world carving these amazing and huge statues. We went at night so that we could see all the lights and it was beautiful. Everyone was nervous that the canal wouldn't be open this year because of the warm January we had but this February deep-freeze we've been having has more than made up for that. Brrr! I've included some Wiki links in case you want to see some pictures or get some more information.


joyce said...

I've always wanted to skate on the canal in Ottawa but the only time I was there in the winter I didn't have my skates along. I think it would be so cool to skate to work.

Pam said...

I've never been to Ottawa - it is certainly on my "places to visit list". Good to hear you finally got some winter weather there for the canal to freeze.

Andi said...

Looking back to your log cabin table runner...I love the quilting! Can you explain the 1-2-3 pattern for me? Thanks!