Saturday, March 11, 2006

back up your files!!

This will be a very short blog just to say back up your files. I mentioned earlier that we had a computer hard drive crash. Well I, me personally, had never backed anything up. But my darling husband actually had. So after the crash I thought that I had lost ALL of my embroidery files. Hundreds of designs that I had downloaded GONE. I felt sick. Anyways, my husband had done a back-up onto our Linux machine and he was able to recover them for me. I felt so thrilled. I will be able to start embroidering for the Smiles for Children project again and just plain get going. Saving your important files to CD is a great option and I plan on doing this with my embroidery files just to get a hard copy of everything but there were patterns and invoices etc that were potentially lost too. So please take my advice and just back everything up at least once a month!!

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