Thursday, March 16, 2006

Quilting on the web

I have been making more preemie quilts and more paper dolls for the Smiles for Children Project lately. Please check out the link if you would like more information or you can check out my previous blog on it called "Friday Quilting"
While I am quilting I love to listen to podcasts! If you don't know what a podcast is they are like internet radio. There are podcasts on pretty much everything including quilting. The one that I like best is Annie Smith's podcast "Quilting Stash." It was the first podcast for quilters. You can get to her blog here and find the link to her podcast from there. You can listen to it on your Ipod if you have one but I personally just use itunes on my computer and listen to it while I quilt. I love it becasue she has lots of tips and tricks that she shares and great interviews with other quilters. Jennifer Chiaverini author of the Elm Creek Quilt novels has a blog and podcast about her books and the progress of her new books. She has a great site at where you can subscribe to her podcast, download her block patterns and chat with other readers. Alex Anderson also has a podcast now so you can check that out too on itunes if you like.
Another great resource for quilters on the web it Quiltler's News Network or QNN. It is a 24 hour quilting channel on the web. It has lots of great shows that you'll know for TV and some original programing too.
There's so many great resources out there for us now that it is really worth checking out.

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