Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Snow Globe Quilt Block

This is my first snow globe quilt block! Isn't it cute?! I really liked doing this block because it was a new technique for me. This is another block for the tinners program at our local quilt guild.

The block has vinyl on top of the globe with snowflakes inside that move around.

Lots of people dosnow globe fabric postcards which I think would be really cute to do. I'd actually like to do a series of them some time in the future.


Melanie Stone said...

I have been looking for a pattern for the wonderful snowglobe quilt block you made. Do you know where I can purchase it? My e-mail is
Please don't publish my e-mail...I don't know any other way to contact you.

Anonymous said...

We are doing a Christmas Tree quilt in our Guild to be auctioned off to support our Hospital Foundation. I have been scourning the web looking for really original ideas of things to put in the tree. I love your idea of a snow globe.
Thank you so much for posting.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if the snow man is machine embroidery? Can you post the steps....very cute!

Katrina said...

Hi there!
Yes it is machine embroidery :)
I am thinking about posting the steps in another post :)