Sunday, May 15, 2011

Extending the Life of Your Rag Die Mats

Hi all!

Sorry for the small break between blog posts but the weather has been amazing and I wanted to get my gardening finished before we got all the rain they are calling for this week.  I spent days in the garden getting all my seeds planted and everything cleaned up - yey!  Now it's back to quilting!  So today I have been machine quilting and shooting a video.

I've heard so many comments about how much the Accuquilt Go! chews up the rag die mats, and, they really do, but, you can really extend the life of your mats, and still get beautiful cuts, if you do a little shifting around.  So, I decided to make a small video tutorial on how to extend the life of your rag die cutting mats.

I hope that you find it useful!  This particular mat, as chewed up as it is, is now cutting it's fourth rag quilt and still cutting beautifully!

If you have any questions please feel free to leave them here; and, if you have any video ideas or suggestions please let me know.

Happy Quilting!


Impera_Magna said...

Great video... and I love your feathered assistant!

Gene Black said...

Another trick that helps extend the life of the mat is to clean the mat. Getting those little bits of fabric out of the grooves in it helps to keep the little cuts in the mat from expanding. An adhesive lint roller works well for that too.

Back Porch Extras said...

I haven't bought the rag die yet because after seeing your video I will put it on my list. Do you use a flannel fabric? Love your parrot. We had one for years. Still miss him but not the mess and noise. We travel a lot so gave him to a lady wjho live by herself. He is very spoiled now. I will watch for more video's.