Friday, May 06, 2011

Shopping the Stash!

Look what I found in my stash!!  *ok well all except the red at the top left LOL*

Here's a little back-ground.

I am demonstrating the Go! tomorrow at the Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild show tomorrow and I thought to myself - you know I bet I'll be showing the rag die a lot since people seem to love it so much.  Then I thought - wow I should cut out a rag quilt while I'm demoing so that I'm doing something useful.  I went to my LQS today to see if I could find some flannel that was calling to me.  I saw that lonely little piece of red on a bolt in the 50% off bin and thought - hang on!!  I think I have a whole bunch of flannel-tiks in my stash in that drawer I hardly ever open!!  So I grabbed the red and came home to see what I had.  I pulled all the rest of these out of my drawer - how cool is that??  The ones on the bottom are fat quarters and the rest are some yardage.

These were the flannel-tiks from Princess Mira from several years ago - I bought them with no clear purpose, I just really liked them, and they got stored away.  Now I think I have a project for them but I am thinking about taking out the orange and red fabrics (yes, the red I just purchased) so that I can have all just blues and greens.  I think that a rag quilt - like my Pink Rag Quilt - might be really nice in these colours.  And then maybe my boys would stop stealing mine ;-)  And since I could cut while I work this might just be a win-win-win. 

  1. I get to use my stash 
  2. I get to cut while I demo the Go!
  3. I get another fuzzy rag quilt
So, note to self, shop the stash before you shop at the shop!

What do you guys do?  Shop the stash first or shop at the shops?

Speaking of shopping the shops - anyone in the Ottawa area going to the show this weekend?


susan said...

are you going to use the same layout as your pink rag quilt?

Katrina said...

Maybe Susan LOL! I haven't really decided if it is going to be random or planned yet - we'll see once I get it cut out :-D

JoAnn said...

Hi Katrina
I'm going and taking my mom, and meeting my co-worker! Looking forward to seeing the Go in action!
see you tomorrow!

quiltmom said...

Great batiks Katrina- They are my favorite fabrics. I am learning to shop in my stash because the stash is overflowing and there are lots of beautiful fabrics in it.
You are right about forgetting what is there- Sometimes when I am feeling the need to buy new fabrics I go and check out my stash first and play there. It sometimes even prevents me from adding to the ever growing piles in my sewing room.
Have a fabulous weekend at the show- it sounds like lots of fun.
The Edmonton guild show is in June.
Regards from Western Canada,

Jackie said...

Are you going to London CQA event at end of May?
And where did you buy your GO? Do you mind telling me the size or which one?

Kim Jamieson-Hirst said...

Sorry, I'm too far away to get to Ottawa this week-end, but have fun there, Katrina. I have to remember to shop the stash first or I sometimes end up with duplicate fabrics! Also forget what exactly I have got. Good luck with the demo and hopefully you'll have a quilts worth of squares when you get home to start stitching with!